Southern Fire Doors Ltd are based in the South of England where we have our office and production facility. From here we offer a nationwide coverage within the UK. Our business has grown steadily based on our knowledge and expertise we have within the industry, we excel in building strong relationships with all our customers.

We pride ourselves at being a leading company in the UK that can offer a complete service to our customers.

We have invested heavily in plant machinery giving a “complete supply chain” service under one roof.

Our experienced staff will manage the whole process from the initial client meeting, fire door surveys, specification, pricing, manufacturing, installation through to our ongoing fire door maintenance service which we provide to many organisations nationwide.


Southern Fire Doors Ltd. specialise in the design, manufacturing and installation of fire rated doors and frames. We recognise our responsibilities to ensure that the environmental impacts of the business are managed correctly.

We are committed to a policy of environmental management throughout all of our activities, adopting appropriate principles to ensure that products are designed, manufactured and installed in such a way as to reduce any potential environmental impact.

Southern Fire Doors Ltd. will ensure that these aims are achieved by:

  • Compliance with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

  • Consideration of both local and global environmental impacts of the Southern Fire Doors activities and so demonstrating commitment to pollution prevention.

  • Assessment in advance, wherever possible, of the environment impacts of any significant new development, purchase of material or equipment and the adoption of any new processes or technology.

  • Reducing the use of resources (materials, fuel and energy) ensuring a reduction in wastage of scarce and non-renewable commodities.

  • Provision of the information necessary to enable Southern Fire Doors Ltd. products to be properly used and maintained so as to avoid unacceptable impacts on the environment.

  • Encouragement of suppliers and contractors, wherever applicable, to adopt a policy of environmental management.

  • Using the principles of this policy as a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets to achieve continual improvement in its environmental performance.

  • The provision of adequate resource for both internal and external education to all relevant personnel ensuring compliance with this policy and its aims.